Home Decor Trends for 2020

As we are settling into 2020, things have already started to change. What was new in 2019 is now considered obsolete, and everyone is already looking forward to the next new things. Things are not different in the world of home decor, as we are already seeing some new hottest hues making debuts, and in this post, we are going to take you through some of these hottest trends in home decor for 2020.

We have witnessed the rise of sustainably obtained pieces such as upcycled plastic art and vintage quilts, and the widespread of minimalism in recent years and experts believe they still have a role to play in the future of home bedroom decor.

Trend #1: The Formal Dining Room Come Back

These days meals are increasingly shared over informal settings, typically within or near the kitchen, be it a dinner party or casual weeknight meals. However, the formal dining room could make a comeback in 2020, as it can deliver much more than just a space for eating.

According to home decor experts, homeowners are going to start treating their dining spaces as the holy grail of spaces, hottest decorating with string colors, patterns, artworks, and striking light fixtures that are only unique to a dining room.

Trend #2: Abstract Energy

This exciting, free-spirited home decor is influenced by the abstract expressionist pieces of art. It includes bold geometrics, playful blocks of hues, and hand-drawn sketches that help express the personality of the homeowner.

This will become one of the hottest 2020 home decor trends because many people will want to evoke emotions and form a certain mood that suits their style of living.

It will see an increase in the use of duvet covers and an increase in application bold patterns, as well as punchy colors to offer a more playful approach to homes.

Just like the expressionist art movement, abstract energy home decor tries to celebrate the imperfect and flexibility of hand-drawn sketches.

Line drawing is at the center stage of this new trend.

This trend will rely more on colors as homeowners want to have bold colors in their interiors. It is best adopted in bedding sets, cushions, decals, and statement blanket.

Trend #3: Structured Simplicity

The structured simplicity style of home decor is just an extension of minimalistic style that was common in 2019. The main objective is to create a calm, cozy, relaxed living space, making homes feel safer, inviting and space to regenerate.

The colors that go with this design are neutrals, as more and more people are looking to uplift their living space to take refuge from the outside world.

If you want to pull this design off, swap bold and bright colors for soft and neutral. Also, go for trimmed edges items and consider choices.

This home decor style is inspired by sustainability.

Structured simplicity style is suitable for any room in your house, including a bathroom decor, kitchen, as well as a bedroom decor and living room.

Trend #4: Dulled down blues

In 2019 we saw the emergence of blue color in interior home decor, and in 2020, it has become the go-to color for every setting.

This is not your ordinary blue color; instead, this blue is quite muddied and moody. It is darker than the ordinary blue.

The 2020 home bedroom decor trend will see a shift from cobalt blue to a darker and more dulled down shades, creating a natural and welcoming environment.

This blue can work well with other colors if you choose to add a few other tones.

This year will see more of the color blue in bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

Trend #5: Blend of work and leisure

Many people are working from home these days, and in 2020 we will see a massive shift in fusing workplace and living space.

In the coming days, homes will be combining work and home in a different way you have ever seen. This is different from home offices and studies.

These homes will focus more on fusinglifestyle by mixing leisure and working environments. Modern homes tend to have big storage spaces that can make for a great home office.

Trend #6: Honest Comforts

This 2020 home bedroom decor trend will involve layering up soothing cushions, faux furs, knits, ad throws to create a more inviting space.

It is a style that can help you through winter and still be perfect enough for the spring. It focuses on natural colors on sofas, duvet covers and bedding sets.

This style is perfect for people looking to create a living space with character and can go well with parquet flooring, bare brick, and exposed beams.

Trend #7: Japanese

2019 saw the spread of the Nordic Retreat home decor style, but in 2020, the Japanese design will run the show.

The style includes the use of silk textures, formalized oriental prints, elegant bird styles, as well as structured furniture design and shapes.

For this style to work, you will need to use soft colors, including muted green, pale blue, pale grey, pink with some tones of darker shades like indigo, teal, black, and emerald.

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