Black Panther and Marvel Figures to Collect

Marvel is one of the most popular superhero film production brands for so long and has managed to amass a legion of followers over the years. If you are one of their fans, you probably have some of Marvel Figures,Black Panther Figures in your collection.

Whether you have one of the brand’s Action Figures or not, in this post, we are going to take you through some of the best Marvel figures to collect.

Over the years, the franchise has released action figures alongside cartoons, comics, and some of the major motion pictures. Today there are wide ranges of Marvel action figures that have hit our store shelves, some good some not so good.

So without wasting time, let’s see the best Marvel Figures to collect in 2020. The list is a countdown of the best action figures, so be sure to add yours if you feel we have left some out.


The Ant-Man action figure has a close resemblance to Paul Rudd, the actor who played Ant-Man in the movie Ant-Man produced by Marvel in 2015. This toy was released as part of the Build A Figure series. Which essentially implies that every Marvel figure comes with an additional body part that belongs to another larger figure (the BAF).

If you are a collector, you can gather all the parts and assemble them to create your own larger action figure to add to your collection.

The mask that comes with the action figure is removable, thus you can either display him without or with a mask on his face. Moreover, the movable joints enable the figure to strike any pose you wish, making it a great desk decoration that can change its posture every day.

Iron Man Mark VII

This action figure includes Iron Man donning Mark VII –a Fully-Loaded Rapid Deployment suit similar to one seen in The Avengers on the big screen. You can place beams in his hands and fight crime using the costume’s repulsor technology in the gloves. This action figure also has plenty of joint movement, allowing for a wide range of posture, including funny walking, crouching, and lunging.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in a removable suit, meaning Iron Man will always appear equipped with his hand powers.


If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War, you must have seen this pose by Ronin as actor Clint Barton regains his identity. The action figure comes with a long sword and a short sword as well as three ninja stars for a battle.

His face is concealed with stacks of details in his attire and accessories. The figure is also able to reach a wide range of poses, making it a dynamic action figure or an ornament.

Captain Marvel

Every fan of Avengers is aware of Captain Marvel. In recent years, she has managed to create her own cult following due to her enthralling origin story as well as her trippy outer space flying acts. The marvel figure can be altered in different ways, including showing bare-faced Carol Danvers with short hair, or with her mask on, concealed face, with her hair poking out of the mask.

The toy comes with either open hands or closed fist, indicating her ability to discharge energy beams. Since it is insanely difficult to find Marvel figures of female heroes, this could be a prized addition to your collection.

Black Panther

After the release of Black Panther in 2018, T’Challa was rapidly sprung into stardom in terms of popularity compared to other Marvel superheroes. Today, Black Panther is the most popular Marvel male superhero. Everyone loves his costume and powers, and from kids to adults, everyone is impatiently waiting to dress up as him in Halloween. He was initially presented to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the popular Captain America: Civil War but didn’t win over some fans. He was just some sleek superhuman with great feats of balance and some impressive maneuverability. But when Black Panther ahamot film was released, Marvel fans across the world were introduced to a new superhero in African culture.

The action figure is highly mobile and can even pounce, lean, lounge, and either make a fist or claw-like gestures, by changing the different handpieces.

Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger was played by Michael B. Jordan and this Marvel figure has gained a tremendous fan base in recent years. The figure resembles closely to the actor himself from the movie and comes with fascinating accessories.

This action figure is also among the BAF series, where a toy comes with another piece to add up with other pieces and come up with a new figure. For this collection, the action figure comes with a pistol, mask, rifle, mask, and a spear.


The Vulture action figure is also part of the BAF series, but unlike other figures in this series, the pieces can be sued to create a fashion of Vulture’s flight suit.

Dark Knight Rises, Mafex, 2013

This is one of the best Batman action figures. So if you want to add some Batman toys from the Dark Knight series, this is your best option.


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