Why do women love handbags so much?

Why do we find bags,purses so desirable?

It’s because they’ve become a unique outer statement of a woman’s status, fashion and earning power and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 90 years has followed the increasing social independence of womens.

In the 19th century, along with hand bags, wallet, purses and muffs, women also wore a chatelaine, a belt not dissimilar to the girdle, from which could be hung little items, both decorative and functional.

Every man that asks a woman what she carries in her purse, handbag? Gets a monotonous reply in a rather unfriendly tone…”Essentials”. If you observe keenly, a woman wears a wry smile after the response. Most women claim they carry essentials in their purse. However, the weight of a purse tells a different story. Don’t feel surprised if you find a little pet in there.

Now a days the designers is focusing on to design handbags, leather bags according to the style of cloth. The new fashion designer wants to introduce some unique idea related to the fashion. Nowadays people love to purchase handbags smaller with the clothing style. The trend has launch currently in the market and people are rushing to purchase purses,wallet. These days we spend more on a handbag than a holiday, or even a car and we want rest of the world to know it.

But, how to choose the perfect handbag,purses for the woman who will be using it. Every girl who is searching for handbags must remember to ask herself what she will use it for. Of course, there is a particular handbag for every situation.

Women and bags are spiritually connected! As the saying goes, we can judge the taste of a woman by her handbag. That is to say, apart from its basic function, bags become part of one’s personal image. A woman’s bag is perhaps her most loyal company everywhere. She keeps her treasure there. It is only obvious if she is particular about the bag she carries!

Bags play a very important role in our daily lives all the time. Whether it is the school-bag from our school-days, travel bag or the shopping bag for shopping, bags are crucial in one’s lives. With the fast pace of modern life, bags still maintain a key position in our lives and have become even more important. But nowadays bags stand out for other special reasons as well.

Designer bags play a very important role in every woman’s life. The importance of designer bags in the fashion industry is very strong. A single piece can accentuate the entire look of an ensemble. In fact most women do not find it easy to stay away from this type of bags and are always seeking to know what the latest bags available in the market.

One thing is sure, for woman a bag is something that is indispensable and one that holds huge sentimental value.

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