Wanna enjoy some envy at your pal’s eyes? These backpacks and wallets will leave everyone’s jaw hanging like a bell. As an Anime and Comic lover you will always love to have your favorite Superhero logo on your Backpack. It is more sensuous when you also have it in your wallet or satchel. It is very much pleasing every time when you look at them.

So, here you have the exact thing that meets both your passion and essence. We have varieties of backpacks for school going and travel purposes. The Design and Print quality is just the way you would like the most. Spacious chambers for carrying books laptops and other necessary stuffs.

Wash Canvas or leather, Shoulder strap or Drawstring, you can pick your one from a wide array of varieties in design and material. They are durable and sturdy.

And of course, the Wallets! They are designed with extremely detailed pieces of artworks that everybody wants. There is no satisfactory alternative to these wallets especially when you are searching for something to gift your friend.

Well, you can put your order right now or you can regret till all these beauties are out of stock. I guess nothing is more satisfying than a glowing Tokyo Ghoul Backpack or a Luffy wallet.

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